Monday, June 18, 2007

Disney on Ice - Finding Nemo

We just loved our first ever Disney on Ice. We went to see Finding Nemo in Wollongong with Grandma, Lizabeth and Aunty Beck and totally loved it - we can't wait for next year!!! Jared and Emmy were very good - especially Emmy - we didn't have to go out once - so we saw the whole thing (a big surprise to me!!)

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PhotoAttitude said...

This show is simply spectacular! I took my older one when she was 3,5 y.o to see it and now one year later she's still under the impression. To me this is the best Disney on Ice show ever produced so far. "Princess Diaries" (or something like this, forgot the name) was a bit of disappointment comparing to Nemo.I am glad you got to see it!